About ProManage

American-based ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solution Corporation has been built in  2017, which directs the digital world, has achieved the digitalization of more than 300 factories around the world, had the opportunity to carry out R&D activities in The University of Illinois Laboratories with its DMDII-MxD partnership in addition to the Turkey-based brand Doruk where it conducts the improvement activities.

Asia Pacific market which is the heart of digital whom ProManage has been able to enter  by partnering with ITO Corporation. That was the goal of bringing the doors of the digital world to all.

This success was the first sound of the great change that ProManage opened the doors of the digital world...

And now it`s time for ProManage!

Moreover, ProManage says to all “Auto Improve Your Business”

"ProManage" is becoming the first name preferred of factories in the production execution system due to its unique solutions.

With ProManage infrastructure, factories are digitized, in addition to instant production organizations, the causes of undetected speed down, failure, standby and quality losses in enterprises are determined and root causes can be determined by analyzing.

This makes a huge increase in the production speeds and production quantities of factories, additionally reduces their losses and costs.

ProManage, whose eye is at its peak, perfectly supports the implementation of methodologies such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean Management and World Class Manufacturing (WCM), maintenance operations management, quality test operations management, raw material and product traceability, cost management, JIT (Just in Time) and JIS (Just in Sequence) applications with its continuously developed infrastructure for the automotive, plastics, metal processing sectors and sub-industry companies by offering high added value to the digital world.

ProManage, which continues its work with a better desire; IIoT continues to rapidly climb the peaks of the digital world and reaching the level of being the only production management system in the world fully integrated with machine learning, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies.

Through the ProManage journey, a good news came from WIN EURASIA 2019 Fair held in Tuyap, and ProManage once again demonstrated how much it claims to write the unknown in the world of technology by winning the "Best Innovation Award" in the WINovation competition with its project on "Artificial Intelligence in Digital Production Management Systems: Predictive Decision Making".

But this was not going to be the first or the end of the success stories...

Because it's moving on, believing in the power of change and that there's always something that can be improved, even the most perfect.

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ProManage manifesto

Excellent companies believe in continuous improvement instead of excellence.
Manufacturing, technology, people and decision-making patterns...

Even in the most excellent operations, there is always room for improvement.
Excellence is temporary and improvement is constant for companies changing the world.
This is not a choice but rather an automated management method. 

Transform your plant into a smart factory with advanced memory,
artificial intelligence and augmented reality applications by ProManage.
Multiply your agility, efficiency, and profitability.