About ProManage System

Which types of manufacturers may implement ProManage?

ProManage may be implemented to all companies that work with discrete manufacturing and batch manufacturing processes.

Can ProManage be integrated with any ERP solution?

Yes. ProManage can be integrated with any type of ERP Solution as long as it can write and read data from a RFC, Webservice, SOAP Service, or similar view tables.

How many reports are there in ProManage MES/MOM solution?

The number of reports are not limited in ProManage. There are flexible report generation engines which enables the users to create detailed reports according to their needs. All of the users are able to take specific reports regarding any title under its work order structure. Any created report may be saved and be sent to any responsible(s) in defined periods via email.

How long does the project implementation take and how is the project process?

ProManage MES/MOM System is implemented on average 8 weeks after the customer approves the system design document. ProManage also provides system consultation trainings to ensure productivity increase in manufacturers via ProManage MES/MOM System. ProManage has a unique project management methodology that is derived from PMI (Project Management Institute) in order to optimize the project implementation process to avoid any unexpected problems or delays.