From yesterday to today, today to tomorrow: ProManage ProData

Being proactive is a permanent trait of ProManage users. It's important to know when, why and what happened in the past. However, it’s not enough for the future.

It’s essential to keep processes flowing, predict what can happen today and know what to do tomorrow. That’s where ProManage ProData comes in.

What does ProManage ProData provide?

You may know the future!
Collect process & environmental data
Collects information pertaining to process and environmental conditions in addition to product, order, operator, raw material, work in process, and time data.
Increases competitiveness
Increases your level of competitiveness with future projections and predictions.
What does ProManage ProData provide?
Way for prescriptive operations
Evaluates the collected process data with SPC application. Elevates your company’s status to "Predictive" and "Prescriptive" operation.
Predictive quality, maintenance and planning
Allows you to set up the infrastructure required for predictive quality, maintenance and planning.

Roadmap for prescriptive operations

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