Digitalization in manufacturing is recreated via ProManage Cloud

The rules of digitalization in manufacturing are changing.

Become a playmaker in the future world with ProManage Cloud.

ProManage Cloud is an IoT-based MES MOM system designed for manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and losses with small budgets, explore the digital world, and become one of the smart factories of the future.

It is in your hand to manage your business with only one click and become a playmaker in your industry without any extra machine investment with ProManage Cloud's unique package options.

Discover the ProManage Cloud now and prepare your business for the future!

Benefits of ProManage Cloud

Get ready to grow with digitalization.
Reduction in failures
Decrease at machine failure and downtime.
Increase in quality ratios
Increase in quality ratio with less scrap amount.
Faster response
Improvement in failure response times (MTTR).
Increase in OEE
Improvements in lead time, agility, effectiveness, and profitability.
Automatic and paperless reporting
Paperless factory: Elimination of time and effort losses for manual data entrance, documentation, and report preparation processes.
Benefits of ProManage Cloud
Cloud platform
Reliable Cloud platform to allow focusing on customers and production instead of server provision, storage, and maintenance activities.
Ready-to-use packages
Leveled packages according to digital transformation roadmap to become a smart factory.
Access from anywhere
Access with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices from anywhere in the world.
Digital data collection
Wide range of data collection options for all types of machines, including traditional and modern machines.
Monthly or yearly subscription
No additional server, database, and system license fees are required with machine basis monthly or yearly subscription options.

Why ProManage Cloud?

Is it suitable?

How to obtain?

The perfect combination of 30 years of expertise and cutting-edge technologies:

ProManage Cloud is one of the first systems designed to facilitate digitalization for businesses to become a smart factory using cutting-edge technologies with 30 years of expertise and experience.

Internet and mobile technologies that become widespread in the early 2000s have been designed to fit our daily lives by developers. However, applications started to be developed for the manufacturing industry after Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 trends. 

MES MOM systems were the first footsteps of digitalization applications for the manufacturing industry and enabled assistance and management for manufacturing operations with digital tools.

ProManage is one of the first IoT based MES MOM system in the world that was launched 23 years ago and continued to improve over the years. It is successfully being used in over 300 facilities, including the world's leading manufacturing companies.

It has been frequently handled to implement the MES MOM systems used by large enterprises to small and middle-size businesses. However, most of the attempts were not successful so far.

Different business scales cannot provide the same engineering employment level to increase management maturity and implement MES MOM systems. A structure integrated with digital transformation and feasible for all types of business is needed at this point.

It is necessary to develop a system that will focus on increasing workflows and efficiency by detecting bottlenecks and losses in businesses.

ProManage is now starting the digital transformation journey for all types of businesses with its 23 years of experience and know-how via the ProManage Cloud solution.

ProManage Cloud enables the detection of bottlenecks and losses for all types of businesses with its easy implementation infrastructure and affordable options. From SMEs / SMBs with few machines to large enterprises with hundreds of machines, every business type can benefit from ProManage Cloud. 

It is all up to you to start with few machines, have a trial, expand your usage according to your requirements, or upgrade your package. You can take a step for your digital transformation journey with small budgets and start to experience it.

ProManage Cloud's functionalities vary from simple machine monitoring to a complete MES MOM system by its four different levels of options. 

Companies from every stage can easily get involved and proceed on their journey of becoming a smart factory from companies that are new to digitalization to those who have advanced in their digitalization journey. 

Usage and efficiency increase training can be found at the support portal of ProManage Cloud free of charge for all packages. Users can experience the system by their selves. For those who desire, ProManage Cloud offers digital transformation consultancy as well.

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It is easy to obtain and start to use the ProManage Cloud.

1) After you review this web page and request a demo from us by filling the form at the bottom of this page, our customer representative will contact you for the required actions.

2) After the demo meeting, you will clarify which package and how many machines you need to start with.

3) Once the purchase process is complete, the required hardware will be shipped to you, and installation support will be provided by your request.

Subscription options to fit your business

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