Automatically monitors your operation, applies your rules on your behalf!

ProManage ProGuard is an automatic supervision module with escalation. It is an essential tool for ensuring that the current operations are being executed within the defined rules and KPIs.

With the module, production, operation, IT, quality and maintenance personnel, including supervisors and technicians, can easily access real time information on the areas of their concern and instantly get notified of abnormal values and tendencies.

With ProGuard, there is no idle time loss or encountering unexpected problems. Operations are executed proactively and continuously.

What does ProManage ProGuard provide?

Your operation’s compliance is guaranteed!
Instant response
Supervision, escalation and automatic action-taking. Instant response to an existing or potential problem.
Cost reduction
Effective use of time and safeguarding productivity. Preventing critical values drop below the threshold and cost reduction.
Smart escalation
Escalation of the right information to the right person and quick coordination.
What does ProManage ProGuard provide?
Mobile integration
Ability to monitor all production and IT processes of plant from anywhere with ProManage Mobile application integration.
Automatic report transmission
When certain periods and/or situations occur, predefined reports in the system are automatically generated and transmitted to defined authorities.

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