Manage, control and reduce energy cost of your business!

Monitor and manage energy costs such as natural gas, electricity and steam in digital environments and associate it with production. Increase your business profitability and contribute to the environment by managing product costs more clearly and producing your products with less energy consumption.

What does ProManage Energy Module provide?

Smart way to reduce your energy cost.
Energy consumption monitoring
In addition to energy consumption monitoring on product basis, provides energy consumption monitoring on the basis of machinery, station and region and measures the energy consumption and losses of failures and stops.
Association with production
Manages energy consumption by reporting with ProManage production data.
What does ProManage Energy Module provide?
Instant limit notification
Compares energy consumption values with limits (targets) by monitoring ​​instantly and sends notification to relevant personnel when inappropriate consumption values ​​are reached.
Determines improvement areas
Monitors energy consumption on product-order, shift, operator, machine and stoppage basis and determines improvement areas.

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