ProManage, an AI-powered intelligent manufacturing management system (MES/MOM) designed to international standards, enables the management of all manufacturing operations in factories with digital tools. 

It ensures that all production, quality testing and maintenance management operations in enterprises from production planning to shipment are managed in accordance with ISO 16949 and as described in the ISA 95 standard.
However, since it provides continuous feedback to the authorities according to certain criteria by monitoring operations instantly, a significant increase in productivity occurs in the better organized enterprise.

In addition to carrying out instant production organizations, it also ensures that it is visible along with the causes of speed drop, posture, failure, waiting, quality losses that are not normally noticed in the enterprise and that it is eliminated by analyzing and identifying root causes. Without additional investment in enterprises, production can be accelerated, increased, losses decreased and cost significantly reduced.

ProManage modules

Incident Module

Reports created in ProManage can be sent to the desired individuals and when a certain event occurs on a machine, notification is sent to those concerned.

Planning Module

With the ProManage planning module, production plans can be tracked via managing them in line with a certain organization on daily or hourly basis.

Business Monitoring Module

The online monitoring tools of ProManage provides a cockpit screen to users where the machine status can be seen and fixed as soon as possible.

Machine Stoppage History

Machine stoppage history ensures visualization of machines’ stoppages on the timescale axis.

Machine History

Machine history, ensures machine and time based tracking of the stoppage, scrap, operator input, cycle and performed product/operation information.

Reporting Tools

Allows the users to create reports where all values ​​can be compared with the desired selections and combinations.

Operator Dashboard Module

Provides information to operators on production and scrap quantities, downtime information and the efficiency of the machines during their operation.

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