Manage your quality the smart way, increase your competitiveness!

Preventing your losses before they occur...

Accessing interactions instantly,tracking your results and analyses regularly...

Finally, above and beyond taking your quality culture to the digital environment, predicting the future, taking preventive measures...

Your plant's quality is now in your complete control.

What does ProManage Quality Module provide?

Multiply your productivity by increasing your quality.
Automation for quality operations
Fully integrated with the ProManage Production Module, allows for detailed planning and management of quality test operations to be performed automatically.
Notification for relative personnels
Proactivity is enabled by informing the related personnel of when the defined situations occur or tests due times are approaching.
Mobile device integration
Responsible personnel are notified of the upcoming quality tests in list form with approximated due times via the mobile application on tablet.
What does ProManage Quality Module provide?
SPC techniques
Automatic preventive alerts and test results analysis are obtained by performing SPC techniques.
Predictive quality
With Predictive Quality Test Operations Management powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, quality issue alerts are produced before the problems occur so that preventive action can be taken and rework and scrap losses are avoided.
Machine learning
Past rework-scrap data along with process/sensor data stored in the system's database are analyzed with artificial intelligence algorithms, so that all process/sensor patterns prior to any rework or scrap are learned by the system. As soon as a learned correlation is triggered, the System sends quality alerts.

Predictive Quality Test Operations Management Module


Process values and quality test results data can be collected via the ProManage ProData Module, and put through an SPC analysis to activate auto-alerts when a deviation trend is detected.

In the future

ProManage AI (Artificial Intelligence) Module will analyze the collected data, foresee quality issues before they occur and automatically alert the facility management so that the necessary preventive actions can be taken.

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