Reduce the number of breakdowns and shorten repair time with maintenance management

Are your maintenance activities planned? Do they vary from person to person, or do you have a culture of business continuity shaped over time by the basic principles of maintenance regardless of who carries out the tasks.

Do you have a digital system for all your personnel to instantly access maintenance records and data? Beyond that, can you accurately predict the breakdowns that could occur in the future?

What does ProManage Maintenance Module provide?

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Automation for maintenance operations
Integrated with the ProManage Production Module, ensures that maintenance operations are planned according to production volumes and automatically executed.
Automation for the effort
With Maintenance Mobile Application, activities are recorded on the plant floor. Stock consumption, document visualization, activity notes can be entered immediately before forgetting them. Efforts are automatically logged.
Tracking & analyzing
Tracks and analyzes maintenance activities and performance.
Documentation management
Manages maintenance documentation.
What does ProManage Maintenance Module provide?
Stock management
Manages spare part stock.
Notification for relative personnels
Ensures that predefined conditions are fulfilled or notifies relative personnel of upcoming maintenance times.
Immediate communication
Generates maintenance requests from EPC or PCs to ensure maintenance needs are immediately communicated so that quick action can be taken.
Predictive maintenance
Predictive Maintenance driven by artificial intelligence algorithms warns of looming breakdowns before they occur so that preventive action can be taken to avoid long repair times.

Predictive Maintenance Management Module


ProManage ProData Module collects information pertaining to breakdowns and, using SPC applications, produces alerts for the current failures.

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