Predict the future near-accurately with ProManage AI

Learning and self-improving machines with artificial intelligence will take over the world. That's science fiction; perhaps even a fantasy.

Learning and self-improving manufacturing execution systems supported with artificial intelligence will take factories to a new era. Now that's a fact. In reality, it's already happening. And that's good news for everyone.

What does ProManage AI (Artificial Intelligence) provide?

The future is here; where are you?
Smarter management
Makes your factory smart.
Evaluation for data
Monitors and analytically evaluates your production data and KPIs.
KPI of the future
Performs ongoing data analysis and evaluation based on your future KPI predictions.
Enables predicting the future
Gives you full control by predicting the future.
What does ProManage AI (Artificial Intelligence) provide?
Predictive maintenance & quality
Superseding proactivity, starts a new era in production, maintenance and quality management centered on future prediction.
Preventing potential problems
Increases your productivity by predicting the future. Gives you the ability to prevent potential problems before they occur.
Continuous learning
Simplifies your work and life by putting your production process in a continuous learning course.

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