Become a factory of the future with augmented reality in manufacturing!

Augmented Reality has changed the world. But the real revolution has not even begun.

Get ready to take the leap to become a factory of the future and see what's beyond your equipment with ProManage Augmented Reality.

What does ProManage AR (Augmented Reality) provide?

Future has already arrived at your factory!
Visualizes your KPIs and displays them in real time.
Real-time monitoring
Gives you the ability to track machine operation in real-time via online machine monitoring.
Customized dashboards
Produces chart, symbol and list-based reports on customized dashboard screens.
What does ProManage AR (Augmented Reality) provide?
AR for Gemba Walk
During a Gemba Walk, displays the root causes of issues based on several criteria such as OEE, availability, performance, quality, downtime, scrap and ensures that factors responsible for loss of productivity get noticed quickly.
Enables proactivity
Empowers you to access information quickly and take preventive action proactively.

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