Operator interface applications with Industrial PCs

Industrial PCs are being used to form an interface between the operator and central system in factory conditions.

They can be used in combination with both KeyPDTs and Smart Counters when there is the need to realize paperless factory applications, such as machine-based dashboard applications that KPIs are instantly presented to operators, launching an operation, setup and showing the operator instructions during quality test moments.

Advantages of using Industrial PCs as operator interfaces

Bidirectional operation
All of the functions that need to be carried out next to the manufacturing machine can be done bidirectionally; from both machine and operator to the center and also from the center to the machine and operator.
Operation at the machine
The operations of the operator introducing and the starting of production depending on work orders can be done nearby the machine.
Instant problem detection
The problems that may occur regarding low performance, quality ratios etc. instantly being determined by sharing KPIs calculated by the system with the operators.
Advantages of using Industrial PCs as operator interfaces
Automatic instruction and work order detail
During the launching of production, work order details and the instructions regarding the issues that need caution in production that need to be presented to the operator presents automatically. Necessary instructions and work order automatically shared with the operator during setup or trouble shooting process.
Automatic operator guidance
Operators are automatically guided by being informed about workflows, processes and how to do them.

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