What does planning module do?

ProManage planning module is supported by production plan and production plan (vertical) screens. The purpose of the planning module is to prevent delays in orders via ensuring the distribution of work orders based on available machines in accordance with the priority of customer orders and the availability of resources, such as operators and machines and etc.

Why planning module should be used?

Inability to catch up with orders is the main problem that emerges during manufacturing. Ignoring the insufficiency of resources, giving a task to a resource in more than its capacity or being uncertain of when a resource will finish a task prevent orders from being on-time. This, in return, leads the company to lose time and money constantly.

Executing the manufacturing plan on a live system, tracking it moment by moment and making a schedule in line with the production capacity will prevent the occurrence of losses. In addition, knowing when the next order will start in accordance with the information on when the current task will be over and organizing resources accordingly would also increase manufacturing effectiveness.

Impact of planning module on production

With the ProManage planning module, production plans can be tracked via managing them in line with a certain organization on daily or hourly basis. Through tracking factors, such as machine, operator, mold suitability and etc., that form production capacity, assignment of work orders is carried out appropriately. Hence, accumulation and delay in production and losses that stem from these will be prevented. Instant information on the process can be obtained through tracking the status of the process via taking the effect of performed production on time and the remaining production into account. The problems that will emerge will be determined beforehand and the necessary interventions are made in advance.