What does business monitoring module do?

ProManage’s online features allow users to determine a machine’s current status and speed from the production signal. Thanks to this module, simultaneous monitoring of the instant statuses of all the machines is ensured. With its various features, users could be able to personalize the numbers of screens and organize their requirements in a more specific manner.

The module provides information on the machines’ current production to the operators and technicians at a factory. Also the notification system kicks in using the online data.

Why business monitoring module should be used?

In order to manage the current statuses of the machines at a factory, the production responsible at the manufacturing area must have information regarding all the machines. Production teams are responsible for the interim machining when there is an unexpected disruption. By means of online tools, users can define problems and decrease their response durations.

With its customizable features, users can see the online indicators to track the machines’ KPIs. Through these KPIs, necessary specific interventions can be performed via viewing the machine's energy, production, work orders and product information. In addition to demonstrating the TEEP and OEE values with indicators, users are able to see the machines’ TEEP and OEEs from online reports.

Impact of business monitoring module on production

Since the aim of MES is to increase the machine efficiency, the online monitoring tool of ProManage provides a cockpit screen to users where the machine status can be seen and fixed as soon as possible. From ProManages online tools, users will be able to determine the problems and fix them as soon as possible, hence achieving the main objective of manufacturing, that is the machinery running constantly.

They can ensure the correct management of data that allows them to go deeper into the root cause analysis to find the main reason behind the emergence of the problems. Meanwhile, monitoring the unplanned acts carried out in manufacturing and preventing them from the automatic warnings system. It ensures that the production team is notified when a wrong operation takes place, thus making sure that it gets fixed in the shortest time. In the long run, this will ensure that losses are decreased and manufacturing productivity and profits are increased.