What does machine stoppage history do?

Machine stoppage history ensures visualization of machines’ stoppages on the timescale axis. It makes sure that the stoppages of all the machines or those in formed machine groups are examined and that they are compared with each other. The following information on stoppages can be viewed on the machine history screen after the cause of a stoppage that is desired to be examined is filtered:

• Stoppage frequency
• The machines that stop most often
• The shift that stoppages take place most often
• The time period of the shift that stoppages become more frequent
• Stoppage start and end time, its duration and operator information

Why machine stoppage history should be used?

The duration, frequency and times of machine stoppages provide clues on their root causes. Analyzing the root causes of stoppages is the only way to eliminate them completely.

Moreover, it’s necessary for the predetermined stoppages (meal breaks, breaks, setup, shift ends and etc.) to be reported on machine-shift basis and sharing of the visual results with the operators

Impact of machine stoppage history on production

The sharing of stoppage histories with the operators lead an increase in the employees’ sense of awareness and responsibility and contributes to the formation of a beneficial competition environment.

Laying emphasis on machine stoppages and their causes during the Asekai and Gemba meetings supports making root cause analysis and increasing awareness.

As the awareness and sensitivity towards machine stoppages increase, machine, labor and production losses decrease, while productivity increases.