What does reporting tools do?

With ProManage reporting tools, the following functions can be carried out:

• Tracking and analysis of machine productivity values
• Analysis of stoppages’ durations, amounts, MTBF, MTTR, FR, FFR and causes
• Reporting of faulty production in units of amount, time and kilograms and analysis of causes, PPM ratios and FTT values
• Root cause analysis
• Distribution of each cycle time that is realized based on machine/product/operator and SPC analysis
• In addition to basic functions, such as making the analysis of production amounts, speed and achievable amount in changing durations and performances, plenty of reportings can be carried out in order to increase manufacturing effectiveness.

ProManage Manufacturing Operations Management System’s reporting tools are flexible in terms of the users being able to realize their desired choices and combinations and this way, generating private reports that they can compare all values with each other through going out of the standard molds.

The user being able to generate reports based on products and work order information play a significant role in low-cost manufacturing via removal of the root cause and the in the determination of the component that causes productivity loss through making cross examinations.

Why reporting tools should it be used?

Each machine stoppage that takes place and each operation that doesn’t conclude appropriately at first shot signify an increase in costs. Lowering costs and increasing productivity are possible through analyzing losses. The 5W1H analyses of the machines’ stoppage and operation losses shape the efforts carried out to prevent the reoccurrence of these losses. For instance, if a malfunction occurs at a machine due to the strap splitting, analyzing the average splitting duration of the strap and changing the strap before it splits would remove the manufacturing loss.

Carrying out the manufacturing operations with the lowest cost is possible via conducting the production operation with the appropriate machine, raw material, operator and mold/device/equipment. Reporting of cycle time, operation error and stoppage durations with machine, operator, shift, product and work order information via cross examinations bears significance for this reason.

Impact of reporting tools on production

It leads in taking the actions that ensure manufacturing operations to be brought closer to perfection as a result of the loss and root cause analyses. Via ensuring that the production and operation are carried out in the most appropriate machine, operator, raw material and mold/device in line with the analyses, lowest-cost manufacturing is realized. It provides the opportunity for the most appropriate data to be used in order for the cost calculation to be made accurately and updating cycle times through the analysis of completed cycle times.