What does operator dashboard module do?

The operator dashboard module is a software product that provides the operators with instant information on production. It ensures that operators working at manufacturing have information on produced amounts, scrap amounts, stoppage information and machine effectiveness during their working hours.

Why operator dashboard should be used?

The operator interface module enables automatic signal collection from machines, measurement of stoppage durations and the operators to enter scrap details to the system while removing the necessity of pen and paper. It facilitates traceability via ensuring that data are gathered at one place.

In addition, while giving information regarding current and past production to operators, it provides performed production information in relation to the carried out work orders. Moreover, it decreases the possibility of machine malfunctions and overproduction, as well as giving information on the future of production and machines. When machines crash, it speeds up technician response and this way, decreases stoppage duration, hence leading to an increase in OEE.

Impact of operator dashboard module on production

This module will indisputably increase the production team’s awareness on the current production status. The quality of production is calculated and shown to the operator. These information will ensure that business owners increase performance that will result in increased manufacturing effectiveness. Furthermore, it saves the operators from pen and paper via removing any possibility of mistakes.