What does incident module do?

With the incident module, users can send reports that are generated in ProManage to desired individuals. In addition, notifications are sent to certain individuals via the incident module when a certain incident takes place on a machine.

Why incident module should be used?

With ProManage’s reporting tools, users can create any graphic or Excel document and send them to specified individuals. After the necessary report is created, the user can send it to a person or persons when desired. The time of the report that will be sent can be changed with various options. The amount of reports and to whom they are required to be sent can totally be adjusted. This way, the system automatically provides its users with the information they want regarding machines via emails or text messages. In addition, it draws its users’ attention via sending notifications from its mobile application.

In cases when a certain action takes place on a machine, the incident module will send an e-mail or SMS to defined individuals. Therefore, for instance, when a technician is called, the response duration to a machine will be speeded up and the machine will be brought to a functioning status. This feature is used for attracting the attention of the authorized individuals when unplanned situations unfold at machines.

Impact of incident module on production

The reports that are sent to the individuals include information concerning production and machines. The structure of the report could be altered in line with the information it should contain. Thus, production responsible will have the opportunity of making analysis over the reports that are generated regarding past information of the machines.

The incident module is triggered when an unplanned action takes place at a machine. For instance, when machines break down, the incident module will be triggered to notify a team of technicians. This accelerates the intervention duration of the technicians to the machines. Moreover, if the technician doesn’t arrive at the machine after a certain predetermined period of time, a separate incident module can be triggered to the technician manager. It’s important to notify authorized individuals in order to ensure that machines are in a functioning status.

ProManage users can track their machines’ statuses from their smart phones. Notifications will be sent to users from the ProManage Mobile Application. This way, users will be informed on their manufacturing statuses 24/7.

Advanced incident module with ProGuard

ProGuard ensures operations to continue according to business rules.