News: Measures for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Announcement about ProManage's COVID-19 measures.
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Public announcement

We have been closely following all the developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) since the beginning and implemented our measures in a timely manner considering the sensitivities of all Our Stakeholders and the Public. We will continue updating these measures as required during the coming days hoping that things will return to normal all over the world soon.

When the first cases outside of China started to appear in February, we suspended all of our domestic and international travels. All the meetings are currently held on the digital medium. As of 18 March Wednesday, our teams started working remotely at their homes. Accordingly, digital platforms have become the main platform to accomplish our services.

As our Clients’ success and the value we present them have the utmost importance for us, we are committed to meet our clients’ operational and business requirements across the globe without any interruption.

Together with our Stakeholders, we will exploit this interval to improve and get stronger as these difficult times get normal.

Wishing you safe and healthy days,

Aylin Ozden
Managing Director
ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solutions Inc.