News: ProManage MES User Interface Updates

ProManage's new user interface is now more attractive, faster to navigate, and much easier to access essential information.
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We have updated the ProManage Manufacturing Execution System's (MES) user interface to be more agile, more elegant, more efficient, and to serve better for our users. We aim for our users to do more with less time investment and increase their efficiency with the new user-friendly ProManage interface.

User interface updates

Afresh designed accordion menu structure will allow our users to quickly find what they are looking for in the new ProManage interface. It will be much easier to find the searched information over this menu structure, which provides a unique and dynamic mood.

ProManage's newly redesigned icons compliments to its modern look as well. We aim to offer a visual reminder of the functional processes for our users.

ProManage's login screen renewed in a way that suits its big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and image processing technologies.

Infrastructure updates

The Oracle Client installation requirement that was mandatory in the ProManage Client installation is no longer required. Within the new update package, this installation will be done automatically by the system from now on.

Our users, whom we walked together on the digital transformation journey, have run our application as ProView.exe for years. With the updated design and the ProManage brand, ProView.exe now leaves the flag to ProManage.exe. From now on, you will see ProManage.exe on your PCs after installation.

You may find detailed information at our support portal about the recent updates of ProManage.