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Adding to the USA and Turkey offices, now we plan to expand globally and taking first step into the Asian market with ITO Corporation.
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ProManage and ITO Corp. partnered to serve Japanese industry digitalization

Running the digital transformation processes of over 300 factories worldwide with great success, Chicago-based ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solutions Corp. recently partnered with ITO Corp. as the company’s Asia Pacific business partner.

Listed among research and development partners of the DMDII-MxD (The Digital Manufacturing Design and Innovation Institute), which aims to develop digital manufacturing concepts and technologies in the United States under the main body of the University of Illinois Labs, ProManage aims to manage all manufacturing-related operations in factories via digital tools.

“‘Auto-improve your business’ is our corporate motto. Our goal is to enable businesses to continuously and automatically improve operations by identifying bottlenecks, weak points and other aspects to further improve business operations and provide instant feedback through alerts and other indication methods,” said Aylin Tulay Ozden, managing director of ProManage.

The company manages its research and development mainly from their Istanbul office. In 2018, over 55 percent of revenue was reinvested in research and development.

By targeting key markets where digital transformation of industry is of top priority, ProManage aims to boost global growth through introducing competitive technologies in these markets.

Adding to the U.S. and Turkey offices, ProManage plans to expand globally, taking its first step into the Asian market with ITO.

“As the first manufacturing operations management system fully integrated with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, ProManage treads confidently toward becoming the world’s most used manufacturing operations management system,” Ozden said.

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About ITO Corp.

Established in 1953, Japan-based ITO has also locally incorporated subsidiary companies in China and Thailand. ITO specifies its products and services to factory automation devices, energy conservation systems, social infrastructure devices and international product sourcing support services. ITO offers a wide range of solutions to fit customer needs, from various motors and processing machinery to systems that optimize production lines. To further strengthen its position and serve the market better, ITO has also begun providing a range of software solutions for the manufacturing sector.