2018-05-03 12:30:00

Excellence Journey: Lean Management

The need to become leaner in processes arises as a result of the complications that value producing companies face in parallel with the increasing work division and specialization.
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Business excellence journey

In the globalizing economy, nearly all components, such as machines, raw materials and technology, that are used while manufacturing values have the same functions with each other. In order to increase the productivity of the current order and to create a difference, various decision support systems are being applied to. According to the Toyota philosophy, the improvements that the employer carries out in the produced value's flow in order to get a step ahead of his rivals have gained utmost significance. On the other hand, the need to become leaner in processes arises as a result of the complications that value producing companies face in parallel with the increasing work process and specialization. The producers that wish to appeal to a wide range of customer portfolio and to continue existing in the market for long years will find themselves on the road to perfection with Lean Manufacturing.

As time passes, products are becoming technologically and functionally more complicated. Wearable technology, smart phones and tablets can be given as examples to the aforementioned fact. A large number of manufacturing processes without added value take place in order to produce these value added products. To be competitive, companies need to make their manufacturing processes and workflows lean and adopt a cost saving strategy. For instance, the losses that affect performance or quality in a manufacturing company during work hours (manufacturing stoppages or scraps that stem from quality problems) drag work operations into extremely complicated processes. While the operators initially work towards making production return to its former productivity, a loss in productivity takes place in this process during the elimination of the problem after finding out the cause of the stoppage. A company's first step on the road to perfection should be to statistically evaluate the causes of production stoppages or quality losses in order to prevent them from reoccurring. Reporting the quality problems that occur in certain intervals due to the same reason and realizing necessary improvements to prevent them from reoccurring after making root cause analyses would ensure an increase in productivity and income for the value producing companies. It was proven countless times and with plenty of experiences that factories with continuous improvement and Lean Management culture add more value compared to the factories that are only equipped with new technological devices.

How does ProManage support lean management?

ProManage is a software development which has the function to make a company gain its information regarding improvement of their processes and from which area it should start the aforementioned processes as a value through data automation. The system has the ability to give meaning to the manufacturing data that a company owns and to turn this data into information, as well as to report the stoppages and scraps that occur without leaving them to the initiative of the decision maker. Through this, the possibility of producing incorrect information nearly diminishes, let alone decreasing. The feedback provided by ProManage presents a company's self-assessment information to the company itself. With the provided information, the low, middle and high level managers that give direction to information reach a conclusion as a result of the necessary analysis and gets a step closer to business perfection.

With ProManage's Manufacturing Plan Screen, the requirements set by the planning unit are scheduled and the beginning and end dates of the works can be tracked in a real-time manner and in a holistic understanding on the timescale axis. Visual management is conducted through grouping the machines that have a similar flow in this area and the current manufacturing plan is optimized via taking the setup durations into account through the trial and error method.

With the Online Machine Monitoring Screen, lean and holistic machine tracking is ensured from a complicated system and instant monitoring of the current statuses of all the machines from both mobile devices and personal computers is made possible. With the Incident Management tool, emergency response can be given thanks to the notifications that are sent during situations that are out of tolerance. In addition, with the Machine History tool, retroactive manufacturing data can easily be shown to users via choosing the desired date interval.

With its OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) Report Factory and TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance) Waterfall Reports, ProManage makes sure that companies reach right decisions at first time via the analysis of the strategic decisions that middle and high level managers are expected to adopt, while also conducting analyses, such as SPC analysis, in Lean 6 Sigma projects.

With its aforementioned reporting tools, ProManage Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system can carry out plenty of analyses in a flexible manner and by this means it has been preserving its characteristic to be a tool that helps you, as manufacturers, in your companies' leanness and perfection for the past 20 years.