2018-05-03 13:30:00

Energy Management with ProManage

Energy management as a whole is the training, energy study, measurement, monitoring, planning and application activities carried out for the productive use of energy sources.
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What is energy management?

Energy management as a whole is the training, energy study, measurement, monitoring, planning and application activities carried out for the productive use of energy sources and energy itself.

Energy efficiency in manufacturing machines

In order for the productive use of energies such as electricity, air, water and steam that is used in manufacturing machines, revisions and applications aimed at increasing productivity should be made. Analyzing losses bears significance for these improvements to be made and works of improvement need to be carried out in a planned way for the elimination or reduction of major losses that impact improvement the most, as well as the losses that will yield results in short term when removed.

Machines need to be completely shut down or some of its parts must be shut down if possible during planned stoppages. Lost energy corresponds to the energy that is not used for the product directly, thus the energy consumed when there is no production needs to be lowered to a minimum. In addition, Eff1 high efficiency engines can be used in order to save energy that the machinery consumes during production. The energy consumed during production can be measured before and after revision and improvement ratios can be calculated in line with it.

Quality losses are also among the factors that increase the cost of energy. If a solid product can't be produced at one sitting, the energy that's consumed during time spent for scraps and reworks is also lost. Increasing quality is among the improvements that can be made to increase energy productivity.

Production planning carries major significance in using energy efficiently. Machinery that has the same brand, model and features are limited in the manufacturing factories inside Turkey. The fact that there are a high variety of machines means that energy consumptions can also vary and for this reason, the selection of the machine that production will be carried out is significant.

Where does energy stand in costs of manufacturing?

Values of energy that is consumed during manufacturing, stoppage, setup, scrap and rework activities need to be added to the cost that is calculated per product. For this reason it's crucial to measure. It's not an appropriate practice to take the total bill amount that is calculated by taking the difference between the start and end of the month from factory input counters and then to distribute it equally to each product. Energy consumption can differ on machine and product basis. It's necessary to track energy consumptions based on operation and product. Energies consumed during planned stoppages for an operation must also be associated with the operation and product.

ProManage Energy Module

Energy is a part of ProManage which is a management system through innovative technologies. IoT based ProManage can associate energy consumptions with production and has a big role in energy-saving. Energies consumed during machinery's working and stoppage durations, instant target exceeding warnings, consumptions based on part and cycle, effects of stoppages to total consumption in percentages and many similar reportings can be carried out with ProManage.

Plenty of energy consumption data, such as electricity, water, natural gas and air, can be collected with ProManage and can be associated with manufacturing.